Contents for Digital Networks and Internet

by Motion ADS

Posted on September 21, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Contents for Digital Networks and Internet

Digital content is currently used on TV, web pages, electronic signatures, e-mails, social networks, etc. Having each one different objectives such as capturing for example attracting more visitors to your website, or conversion that will be all those views or visits become actions like calls, fill out forms, etc .; another objective is to sell these "actions" to become customers, it is very important to know that all these goals lead us to another common goal called "loyalty" where we can anchor these customers as potential customers.

For contents produced for the Internet is very important the balance between the various parameters involved in making a digital Content, such as: size in high-width pixels, weight in KB to make its transmission efficient, the speed of reproduction in frames per second (60, 50, 30, 35, 24, 20 15, 12, 10), the codecs with which they are compressed (avi, quicktime, MP4, MP5, etc.), or even can be GIFs that are not properly videos but they look like. There is no rule like with the videos for TV, here it is necessary to study each particular case to determine which combination of all these parameters is the most appropriate, hence the importance of advising with an updated expert in Digital Contents more than a conventional producer Of video.

It is very important that each video (content) is produced with the exact technical characteristics for the medium, so that it is not deformed, to take better advantage of the characteristics of the medium and that is more attractive and effective or even so that the message can be transmitted in their totality and no illegible or hidden parts remain.

In addition to the correct technical characteristics of the Digital Content is also very important Content Creation Strategy, which no longer depends on the technical aspect of the medium of the playback hardware and the projection, but on the location and purpose of the messages . It is not equal to a content that is projected where people expect that where people pass, for a giant screen that is 30 meters away from the one seen at 5 meters, it is not the same as a Content for a web ad that stops a web report for an animated infographic, even a web page from a laptop. Each location and each target is determined in the content: style, duration, type, size and saturation of visual elements, type of animation, use of audio, level of interactivity, etc.

The effectiveness of a digital content depends on the correct interpretation of all the features mentioned above, assuming that the use of a video made for television will work in other digital media is the biggest mistake, hence the failure of the strategies of use of digital networks. To be effective, Digital Content is required for each medium.

Many people who try to promote their products or services, can be repeated in everything that probably served in an efficient way the first time, but in a single type of format for their content can cause disinterest in the followers when developing digital content in a variety of formats and all personalized content, the benefits are huge.

Take advantage of this new digital expansion, we are increasing digital consumers more and with the help of an updated expert in the production of digital content, You can take advantage of each of the multiple benefits offered by all digital tools.

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