Effective Motion Posters for Traffic Points (POT)

by Motion ADS

Posted on August 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Making Effective Content for Traffic Points (POT) is complex because many factors intervene:

In the POT the spectator travels, practically never stops to watch a video (unless it is the final of the soccer). Presenting a commercial or infomercial in POT is very uneconomical (that can work in a POP).

Very little reading time by the viewer. Normally in a POT the spectator lends between 3 and 7 seconds of attention to a screen if it is in a vertical position with a Motion Poster, if in horizontal position most of the times ignores it, does not have time to stop to watch videos.

The characteristics of the Product or Service to be displayed or advertised determine the importance of the graphic elements of a Motion Poster in a similar way as if it were a printed poster: do not put too many texts, know how to give the correct weight and location to each element, With very detailed patterns or images, be clear and concise.

In POT Content There is NO time to tell stories like in a TV commercial, there is only time to report the basics and create a feeling (of attachment, humor, curiosity, need) that reminds you of the product or service.

In POT the viewer is NOT going to stop using interactive content (except for location kiosks and maps). At that moment there is NO curiosity, only the desire to move. Making an Interactive Content for a POT is an unnecessary expense.

Each point (POT, POS, POP, POW, MP) of content presentation has its own "public". To put a video or infomercial of more than 10 secs in a POT is like that ESPN instead of to pass the superbowl put a documentary on felines, that program is perfect for NatGeo but in ESPN nobody would see it.

We mentioned a lot to be careful of what kind of content to display in a POT because we see that in most places and countries most of the stores, stores and manufacturers or marketers of products or service providers, who have installed DS, have no idea of these details And they make it very easy to present the same video they have on the Internet or the TV commercial, then it turns out that the medium (Digital Signage) "does not work." The Digital Signage works very well, what does not work are the contents out of place.

It is not the same to see a video on the laptop or Tablet, in the comfort of the room, bedroom, study, office or garden, without hurry or discomfort, to see him walking among people, sometimes carrying bags and with little time to Make more purchases.

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