How to Set Up a Low Cost Digital Signage Solution

by Motion ADS

Posted on December 15, 2017 at 12:45 PM

How to Set Up a Low Cost Digital Signage Solution

Since some years, “Digital Signage” is becoming more common in the industry since it has become a communication´s medium that presents great efficiency and potential, nevertheless it is a very little known and explored market but at the same time it´s the next step of advertising and traditional posters. The Digital Signage is becoming an option as a business and for business, becoming a highly potential option facing constantly moving markets but at the same time full of opportunities.

Digital Signage campaigns make businesses more profitable. Those bright digital graphics that light up giant LCD screens are generating up to a 30% increase in t-the-counter sales.

The majority of businesses that take up the digital signage gauntlet though tend to follow the expected route. Several thousand dollars are shelled out for high-performance LCD or plasma screens, along with more investment on PCs and software to run the digital signage system. Add on top system installation costs and it is easy to see why small businesses might be put off by what others are paying on the assumption that it will cost them a similar amount.

Setting up your Digital Signage is easy.

All you need is a LCD screen or plasma screen and an USB charged with the digital content (Images, Videos, etc.). If you don´t have the equipment to hand then check out eBay or any Web Site that you want, on those pages there are used plasma screens selling for around $100 to $150 dollars at buy-it-now prices.

Additionally, you´ll need Digital Signage Content. Just think about the types of marketing messages you want to push through to your customers. In order to determine your objectives like sell or informing or even entertaining. The characteristics of the Product or Service to be displayed or advertised determine the importance of the graphic elements: do not put too many texts, give them the correct weight and location to each element, With very detailed patterns or images, be clear and concise. Keep it simple but make it smart. Think big and play!

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Digital Signage, you can read the following article (Link: Digital Signage for Business) Or watch videos of Digital Signage as Motion Posters in this other link(Link: Digital Contents for Digital Signage); do not forget to write your opinions. (

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