Specialized Content for Digital Signage

by Motion ADS

Posted on August 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Specialized Content for Digital Signage

There are different types of contents (videos) for a Digital Signage Network. To find out which ones are appropriate, it is important to first raise the goal of the Network.

In order to better determine these objectives it is also necessary to take into account the location of the screens. They can be located in external or internal Transit Points (POTs) such as those in the commercial plazas, either to the street or to the aisles of the square, POW, or in the waiting room of an airport, a hospital Or a clinic, Point of Purchase (POP) or inside a clothing store, or an optician, a jewelry store or a department store, Point of Sale (POS) that is very similar to the point of purchase but is concentrated more in boxes Where the products are paid, or in Mixed Points (MP) where for certain circumstances several of the above points are joined, for example an island in a shopping center is a POT and POS and POP at the same time.

The main objectives are:

Entertaining, when the viewer or user has a lot of time available and few activities, as in a POW, there practically it will be seen sooner or later by the greater part of the public. Examples of these contents are from TV programs, trivia, reports, tips, etc. It does not matter much the duration of each content but the attractiveness of the subject.

Informing, when it is necessary to provide specific data of a product or service, is usually used in POP to finish convincing a prospective buyer, or in a museum to provide information in an attractive manner. This type of Content can be Interactive and work very well. In order to create efficient Informative Content it is necessary to know how to dose and make the information attractive depending on the product or service and the location of the screens.

Publicize or Sell, in a Network of Digital Signage in a store, regardless of its type or size, the important thing is to generate higher sales. Most of these contents are placed in POT and POS. The contents of this type are the most specialized of all, although it seems the opposite. Here is extremely important the Duration and clarity of the Contents, as well as its attractiveness as the public does not give beyond a few seconds of attention. The videos, the infomercials, the TV commercials do not work here. The most effective to sell in POT and POS are Motion Posters.

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